Introducing Modern5E

Modern5E is a 'modern' adaption of the 5th Edition rules utilizing the Open Game License [OGL] v.1.0a by Wizards of the Coast.

Over the past several years, we've noticed an industry gap in modern-themed 5th Edition material. Though there are several good modern action indie RPGs written for use with 5E, as players, we've found some a bit unfulfilling and question the compatibility with 5th Edition. We wanted a game that wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel and was open to the core 5th Edition materials.

Since Wizards of the Coast began producing 5th Edition, they seem to have dropped all interest in the previous 'modern' lineups. And just as Pathfinder was born out of the 4th Edition stumble, so is Modern5E, born of the 'modern' void.

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Juxtagames will begin the project by combining the 'Modern' OGL SRD [System Reference Document] with the 5th Edition SRD. From there, we will add our ideas and customizations to create a uniquely modern 5E-flavored roleplaying game system that remains fully compatible with the core 5th Edition ruleset.

Our primary goal is to leave the current 5th Edition mechanics intact and instead adopt and extend the current 5E ruleset into Modern5E, leaving the hybrid-system in its compatible state. This unity will allow gamemasters to add virtually any 5E content as-is from other compatible supplements.

5th Edition vs. Modern5E

The table below compares the more interesting 5E features. Later, as the system develops, Expansion Kits will provide additional play options.

Please be aware, this project is a work in progress, and all things are subject to change.

Core Elements

5th Edition


Abilities X X
Races Races X
Cultures Subrace X
Classes X X
Advanced Classes Archetypes X
Backgrounds X X
Proficiencies X X
Feats X X
Alignment X X
Personality Traits X X
Downtime X X
Lifestyle X X
Wealth Currency Only X
Trinkets X X
Weapons X X
Weapon Properties X X
Ammunition Properties X
Armor X X
Armor Properties X
Armor vs. Damage Types X
Damage Resistance and Immunity X X
Damage Vulnerability X X
Limitations and Weaknesses X
Temporary Hit Points X X
Death Saves X X
Gear X X
Gear Properties X
Tools X X
Tool Properties X
Vehicles X X
Vehicle Stat-Block X X
Underwater Combat X X
Zero-G Combat (Vacuum Rules) X
Short and Long Rest X X
Shooting Actions Limited Advanced
Chase Rules Limited Advanced
Patrons (Contacts) X X
Factions X X
Faction Stat-Block X

Expansion Kits

5th Edition


Icons (Entities) Deities/Patrons Optional Kit
Fantasy Races Included Optional Kit
Mosters Included Optional Kit
Magic & Spells Included Optional Kit
Psionics (Innate Spells) Included Optional Kit
Martial Arts & Mysticism Limited (Monk) Optional Kit
Super Heroes & Powers Optional Kit
Alien Races Optional Kit
Artificial Life Optional Kit
Cybernetics Optional Kit
A.I. & Robots Optional Kit
Mecha Optional Kit
Starships Optional Kit


Expansion Kits

These optional kits will be available later, once the core rulebook has been published. How these kits will be organized has yet to be determined, however genre will play an important role. For example, the fantasy related elements will most likely appear in the same publication. The high-tech and cyber elements will also be bundled together. A game master will be able to combine kits or specific elements to create unique campaign worlds for his players.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information on Expansion Kits.

Modern5E SRD

The first step is to create the Modern5E SRD, as it will be the foundation of Modern5E and future accessories. Ultimately, the M5E SRD is for anyone to use in Modern5E projects and publications in agreement with the Open Game License [OGL].

The M5E SRD does not contain all the written material found in Juxtagames' commercially licensed products. None-the-less, individuals are welcome to assemble tabletop editions from the available OGL-compliant material.

To learn more about or download the SRD, visit our M5E-SRD Github Page.

Modern5E Core Rulebook

The Modern5E Core Rulebook will be Juxtagames' entrance into the RPG industry. Modern5E is our commercially licensed product and will be available in various print and digital editions. The Core Rulebook contains additional material not found in the M5E ruleset, such as expanded character features, equipment options, examples of gameplay, and artwork. This extra material will enhance the gaming experience, both at the table and online.

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