Modern5E Core Rulebook (Leather Edition)

The Modern5E Core Rulebook presented in our black leather hardcover format. This book contains all the rules and options you need to create characters and play the game. Also included is the standard Modern5E Core Rulebook Digital Edition (in PDF).

Please be aware, the final version of this product may vary from the planned edition and mockup images you see herein, specifically the color and style of the leather and the cover foil elements. More details will be released as the product is developed.

Modern5E is an adaption of the 5th Edition ruleset for use in your 'modern' action tabletop roleplaying game adventures.

Under the Open Game License by Wizards of the Coast, Modern5E utilizes material from both the d20 Modern SRD and the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition SRD to create a unique modern version of the 5E experience.

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